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New Diploma for Malta

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMalta’s College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST)  have commissioned the development of a new Extended Diploma in Fish Management. Working with a team led by the Royal Agricultural University Cirencester, Martyn Haines of Pisces LI is devising the units and tutor packs to cover aquaculture, fish capture and ornamentals, three sectors that offer Malta significant employment opportunities in the future.

The backbone of the aquaculture sector, sea bream and sea bass production, established during the 1980’s,  will be featuring prominently within the Diploma. Tuna farming will also be included. Since it’s arrival in the 1990’s controversy has followed, as the already heavily exploited blue fin tuna fishery came under increasing pressure.  The annual migratory run of Mediterranean blue fin tuna pass through Maltese waters, easing their capture and live transportation to on-growing cages where they are fattened for the Japanese market, giving Malta an edge over other producers. Thankfully, research into the production of juveniles from adults held in captivity is progressing, offering fishery conservationists and fish farmers alike hope for the future.

“Extending our portfolio overseas is an exciting prospect for Pisces LI. Transferring knowledge and skills to the Mediterranean aquaculture workforce is essential to the further development of aquaculture in the region, and will help to improve the supply of farmed fish, both in terms of the species range and production volume, reducing pressure on the Mediterranean fishery.”

The development of units and tutor packs for MCAST’s Extended Diploma in Fish Management will be on-going over the next few months. The project is due to complete by mid November 2014.

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