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Supporting the Moldovan VET sector

In July 2016, Pisces LI have secured a 3 week staff development contract to be delivered in Moldova during October 2016 and look forward to assisting the Vocational Education and Training (VET) capacity building process, important to this country’s future prosperity.

Moldova, a former member of the ‘Soviet Bloc’, sandwiched between the Ukraine and Romania, became an independent Republic in 1991. It has since been working hard to overcome poverty and build its economic base and infrastructure, in order to join the European Union.

Need less to say, the establishment of a reliable and robust VET  system, responsive to the workforce development needs of key sectors, will be instrumental. Martyn Haines has been appointed to work with a group of agricultural trainers and teachers, and will introduce them to curriculum design, development and assessment practices, under the jurisdiction of Moldovan VET policies, enabling them to develop the curriculum needed in agriculture and food processing, two important sectors of their economy.

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