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Pisces Learning Innovations Ltd.


About Us

The founding of Pisces Learning Innovations


The founding of Pisces Learning Innovations brings together a diverse team of like minded practitioners who all share the same passion for the development of innovative approaches towards learning.

With a wealth of available vocational and technical experience within aquaculture, sport fisheries and land based industries as well as learning and skills development, the track record of Pisces associates speaks for itself. (See our people)

Pisces  has access to ‘Learning Technologists’ and ‘Instructional Designers’ with experience of teaming up with subject experts to produce innovative paper based or digital learning resources.

Why Pisces?

The Piscean primary qualities are perceptiveness, creativity and responsiveness. These values underpin our service and reflect the way in which we will work with you.



From our first contact, we will be helping you to define what you want to achieve from your learning strategy, taking account of your culture and resources.


We aim to develop learning resources, whether digital or paper based, that are well designed and interactive to motivate your learners


Above all, we want to be confident that we are satisfying your real needs and will listen to you throughout the process.