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The Scottish Qualifications Authority responsible for vocational and Secondary School qualifications

The Sector Skills Council for water and land based industries

The Joint Information Services Council responsible for advising the college sector regarding learning technologies

E Learning Alliance
A staff development service offered to members keeps them abreast of emerging good practice in  blended learning





Instructional design is the systematic process used to create specifications for learning resources that help learners to achieve the required learning outcomes.
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National Occupational Standards are definitions of the competencies and underpinning knowledge required at each occupational level.
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Formative assessment is used by learners to gauge their current state of knowledge or understanding, and  helps to consolidate learning very effectively if feedback is provided.
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Virtual Learning Environments provide a structured and accessible repository for digital learning resources and assessments, and a managed environment for communication between learners and tutors.
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Summative assessment is designed to establish whether learners have developed the required knowledge, understanding or skill, and typically follows the completion of a discrete episode of learning.
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Blended Learning Strategy definition and examples

Learning Strategies
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