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Assessment Design

Benefits to you....


  • Accrediting Prior Learning (APL) can save time by revealing which knowledge and skill gaps to target


  •  Online multiple choice questions can automate knowledge assessment, saving time and money


  • Standard Operating Procedures can be embedded within practical assessments to drive up standards


  • ‘In house’ witness testimonies can provide reliable practical skills assessment


  • Assessment portfolios, in either digital or paper based formats, ensure a manageable process for all


  • Quality assurance of assessment ensures consistency and fairness and safeguards occupational standards







“We will ensure that your assessment strategy is shaped by the knowledge, understanding and skills that need to be demonstrated.”

We can help you to develop meaningful and effective assessments, ensuring that your learners provide evidence of the knowledge and practical skills that you require of them to become competent.

In devising assessment strategies, we recognise the value of including regular ‘formative assessment’ helping learners to gauge progress with their knowledge and skills development and providing opportunities for practice. Learners can better prepare for subsequent ‘summative assessment’, devised to demonstrate their full range of knowledge and practical skills.

Accrediting Prior Learning (APL)

We promote the ‘Accreditation of Prior Learning’ (APL). Your more experienced learners will benefit from being able to enter assessment before engaging with training or learning. By evidencing their existing knowledge and skills, any gaps revealed can be targeted.

Knowledge and understanding

We will ensure a well balanced approach towards assessment that acts as a stimulus to further learning. This may include short answer questions to reveal factual knowledge, and extended response questions requiring explanation to demonstrate understanding.  More open tasks, such as scenario based problem solving and case studies can be devised to assess higher order capabilities.

Well designed automated multiple choice questions can provide a powerful assessment tool, improving access,  saving costs, and making the assessment of large scale disparate learners manageable.

Practical skills

We can develop robust practical assessment processes to ensure that reliable assessment decisions will be made by assessors. Typically, practical competence is assessed on an ongoing basis, often through the gathering of reliable witness testimonies. However, it is possible to establish practical assessment tasks which are observed by an assessor to determine competence.

Witness testimony

Witness testimonies from experienced, competent members of your organisation in regular contact with your learners are a recommended part of most assessment strategies. We can help you to embed your Standard Operating Procedures within practical assessments, making it easier for  your witness testimony providers and assessors to deliver an assessment process that drives up standards.

Assessment portfolios

We would ensure that  ‘assessment evidence’ was gathered and held within a suitable paper based or digital portfolio for assessors  and verifiers to judge. This makes the assessment and quality assurance process efficient and manageable.

Quality assurance

We can establish assessment quality assurance systems within your organisation to verify that assessments have been designed to meet the occupational standards required and that the judgements made by assessors have been fair and consistent.