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Delivery and Support

Benefits to you....

  • Human resources strategies can promote a learning culture and support individual development planning


  • Management development can prepare your organisation for leading the establishment of a learning culture


  • Mentor development can ensure that your learners have access to effective support within the organisation


  • Monitoring systems can be put in place to provide feedback from learners and managers to inform on-going evaluation







“We can support the roll out of your courses and programmes, helping you to build the in house skills required to support your learners fully and effectively.”

Following the creation of programmes and learning resources, we can support you in a number of ways. We recommend that your leaders are well prepared and that systems are in place to support learners and gather feedback. Responsiveness to learners and their needs is paramount, particularly in the early stages when building their confidence.

Human Resources

We have specialists who can help you to develop and align your Human Resources strategy with your learning strategy. Sophisticated individual development planning and monitoring software can help you to get on top of your HR record keeping requirements from the outset.

Management Development

We can deliver a management development programme that will prepare your senior level leaders, generating advocates for all that a commitment to learning can bring. In some organisations, the establishment of a learning and development culture has to be introduced ‘top down’, in order to support middle managers, often making management development an essential first step. Visible commitment by the Chief Executive and senior managers to a learning culture will make the task that middle managers and mentors face, much easier.

Development of mentors, witness testimony providers and assessors

We can develop mentors, witness testimony providers or fully qualified assessors, so that you are better equipped to support your learners and can gather evidence towards assessment reliably. If supervisors are developed in these ways, they can ensure that the learning and assessment process is aligning effectively with the Standard Operating Procedures for which they are responsible. They will become the guardians and advocates of occupational standards in the organisation.


We can help establish and maintain systems for gathering and evaluating feedback from learners, mentors and managers to quality assure the delivery of the learning programme and support provided. Meaningful measurements of your choosing can be devised to gauge the impact of your learning programme over time.