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Programme Design

Benefits to you....


  • The learning and delivery approaches chosen ‘within the blend’ will reflect your learning strategy


  • Occupational standards once defined, will reveal the knowledge, skills and attitudes that you need to develop


  • Learners’ core skills profiles and preferred learning styles can inform course and programme design


  • Virtual Learning Environments, computers and held devices can improve access to learning, offering the ultimate in convenience







Guided by your strategy, we can design programmes that provide learners a flexible pathway to the required knowledge and skills.

By applying well proven principles of ‘instructional design’, we can take your preferred approaches to delivery and define the optimum blend within programmes, before developing specifications for learning resources. With the learner in mind, programmes are designed to be flexible, presented in ‘bite sized ‘chunks’,  and can offer multiple points of entry and exit.

Defining occupational standards

We can help you to establish the standards for any occupation within your organisation, in terms of the skills, knowledge and attitudes (SKA) required. Definitions may be derived from your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), or the appropriate National Occupational Standards (NOS) for your sector, if National Qualifications are your aim.

The ‘attitudes and behaviours’ that you wish to promote will reflect the culture of your organisation, and to some degree your sector, and can influence the programme design process.

Once agreed, the SKA will determine the desired learning outcomes, programme content and the type of learning activities that will be effective.

Establishing learner profiles

Hand in glove with your SKA requirement, learner profiles should inform programme design. Your learners’ core skills levels, particularly numeracy and literacy, are influential, and the evaluation of core skill profiles and preferred learning styles can be automated.

Learners’ ICT access and confidence are very important considerations at the programme design stage. A commitment to ‘media rich’ interactive learning and Virtual Learning Environments should not be made before this analysis is complete. Paper based learning packs are sometimes chosen as the main approach to knowledge development initially, when ICT access is limited, or learners are not confident ICT users.

Establishing a complete and detailed knowledge of your learners is fundamental to the programme design process.

Learning technologies

Our ‘Learning Technologists’ and ‘Instructional Designers’ keep abreast of emerging learning technologies, evaluating their potential for improving accessibility, interactivity, and convenience for learners. Although technology, including Virtual Learning Environments accessible by computers or hand held devices, offers learners exciting new possibilities, we ensure that the programme design process always leads the application of the technology. It should never be the other way round!