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Resource Development

Benefits to you....


  • Learning resources can promote active learning and engagement through the liberal use of formative assessment


  • Virtual Learning Environments can provide a ring-fenced safe and flexible communication medium for learners and tutors


  •  Visually stimulating, ‘multi media’ interactive learning activities can engage learners very efectively


  • Hand held devices can allow virtual learning to continue at any time and in any place


  •  Paper based learning packs can be rich in learning activities, complementing ICT based approaches to learning, or standing alone




“We can develop digital and paper based learning resources that are stimulating, interactive, and will motivate your learners.”

Your learning resources will be developed according to the specifications emerging from the programme design process. Whether resources are presented in a paper based or digital format  within a Virtual Learning Environment, the promotion of active learning is our aim. We believe in the liberal use of formative assessment, regardless of the medium, as  the feedback provided to learners keeps them actively engaged and consolidates learning.

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)

The use of Virtual Learning Environments to support knowledge development is a growing trend offering many advantages.  As access to ICT and the internet becomes pervasive, learning assisted by PCs and hand held devices is an increasingly convenient and flexible option. Digital learning resources are presented to ensure that they are accessible and navigable, and can be readily updated without incurring additional printing costs.

Where required, we can help organisations to establish their own customised Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) if they seek the direct control that in house hosting offers.

Digital learning objects

All digital learning objects, such as multiple choice quizzes or instructional videos are  storyboarded to produce the specifications that our multimedia developers can follow leading to resources that help learners to achieve the required learning outcome.

By virtue of multimedia, visually stimulating interactive resources can be developed and presented, including:

instructional video,

interactive ‘drag and drop ‘multiple choice questions/answers,

quizzes, and,

on line assessment systems, with or without feedback.

Paper based learning packs

Well designed paper based learning packs can be developed and branded to suit your house style and frequently feature within the ‘chosen blend’ for many organisations. Through the use of appropriate icons in the margins, learners can readily navigate the learning packs as they undertake formative assessment and other activities designed to promote active learning.