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Fish Containment

Project Outcomes...


  • The development of standalone qualifications to support fish containment training in Scotland.


  • A proposal for the establishment of a multi-partner team to deliver stimulating and accessible ‘blended learning’.


  • An assessment strategy that can drive compliance with the emerging Scottish Technical Standards







“Bringing great experience of training and skills development and a sound understanding of aquaculture, Martyn Haines of Pisces LI Ltd was most supportive, developing qualifications that will help to improve containment in conjunction with the emerging STS.”
Steve Bracken - Chair of the Scottish Government Containment Working Group

The Request

The Chairman of the Scottish Government Containment Working Group (CWG) requested the development of formal qualifications in fish containment for Scottish finfish farming operatives. The emerging Scottish Technical Standards, developed by the CWG, needed to be embedded, leading to standalone qualifications that could be delivered within any aquaculture company in Scotland.

Our Response

The CWG findings were analysed and aligned to the emerging Scottish Technical Standards (STS). A standalone qualification  defining the essential underpinning knowledge and competences required to effectively contain pen farmed finfish was drafted and circulated to fish production managers from three of Scotland’s largest salmon farming companies for comment.

Consultation responses were analysed, leading to a qualification proposal for circulation to the Containment Working Group. With reference to the Group’s feedback  revisions were made to ensure that the qualification could be delivered within all aquaculture companies pen farming fin fish.

Advice was provided on  blended learning delivery in the workplace, assessment and quality assurance processes. The overall aim is to ensure that through delivery of the qualification to pen farming operatives, aquaculture companies can meet the STS for pen farming which will become mandatory in the near future. A similar ‘fish containment’ qualification is under development for operatives working on land-based farms in Scotland to ensure that all finfish farms can access a qualification customised to their needs, and comply with the STS.