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Fish Management Diploma

Project Outcomes...


  • An ‘Extended Diploma in Fish Management’ encompassing aquaculture, fish capture and the ornamentals sectors.


  • High quality Units and Tutor Support Packs with web based resources to assist the MCAST teaching team.


  • A new vocational education pathway to ‘fish related’ employment in Malta and the Mediterranean region .



“We needed a skilled developer, experienced in vocational education and sensitive to Malta's context, to create Units and Tutor Support Packs across a wide subject range. We could not have found anyone better than Martyn Haines of Pisces LI Ltd.”
Mathew Costello - Business Development Manager and Senior Consultant for EMCS Ltd

The request

The Agribusiness Institute within Malta’s College for the Arts Science and Technology (MCAST) commissioned the development of an Extended Diploma in Fish Management. This two year programme composed of 16 Units needed to cover a wide subject range relating to the fish management employment opportunities within Malta and the Mediterranean region.

Our response

Diploma Units were developed in a range of core science subjects, including oceanography, fish biology and fish health to underpin specific technical units in aquaculture, fisheries management and ornamental fish keeping, the three sectors offering most employment opportunity. Within aquaculture the emphasis was on Sea bream, Sea bass, Meagre, Tuna and Amberjack culture, and included reference to current and emerging techniques from different parts of the world.

Following the completion of Units, Tutor Support packs were developed, elaborating on each learning objective, providing suggested teaching approaches and links to web based and other resources to support the preparation and delivery of the course by the teaching team at MCAST.