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Pet Retail Operatives


Project Outcomes...


  • Pet retail training  provided to thousands of operatives nationally.


  • On line assessment system and certification developed, leading to company qualifications, on demand.


  • Randomised question selection ensuring meaningful re-assessment.





“I needed a fresh, comprehensive programme to transfer core pet husbandry knowledge. The well designed interactive learning packs and innovative on line assessment system that I received were ahead of their time.”
Kathy Toft, former Director of Human Resources at Pets at Home

The request

Pets at Home, the main pet retailer in the UK, required pet retail training as a part of their induction of new recruits. Shop floor operatives needed to learn how to care for a wide range of companion animals and to understand their husbandry requirements to enable them to give effective advice to prospective pet owners. The assessment and certification system needed to cater for large numbers of pet store based learners spread across 140 stores nationally.

Our response

On line assessment systems available from a range of commercial vendors were evaluated. As a system with the range of assessment and administration functions required was not available, a specification was created allowing programmers to develop a sophisticated bespoke system.

Working with a team of college based and Pets at Home animal care specialists, high quality learning packs were designed and developed for each of the popular categories of pets, including ornamental fish, small mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Digital images were produced for each category of pet for use within the on line assessment system, creating  question banks from which multiple choice questions were presented randomly by the system on demand, enabling effective assessment and re-assessment.