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Angling for Schools

Project Outcomes...


  • Two new Angling related NPAs that are attainable by 14-16 year olds at risk of becoming alienated.


  • A  ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ supporting the collaborative development of learning resources by teachers.


  • The establishment of collaborative delivery teams providing support for school teachers.


  • Progression pathways to careers in fisheries or aquaculture are established for young people.





“Our consultancy of choice, leading our schools educational strategy, designing and developing innovative resources and supporting our teacher CPD programme. We have found Pisces' LI Ltd to be creative and responsive.”
Eric Dawes - Chief Executive Officer for the Anging Development Board of Scotland

The request

The Angling Development Board of Scotland (ADBoS) was keen to offer a mainstream educational programme for Scottish Secondary schools, building on their successful Club Angling initiative. Informal talks indicated a strong demand for Access level qualifications in Angling and the Aquatic Environment for 14 – 16 year olds. Schools wanted to see environmental awareness and responsibility featuring strongly, together with angling competence and fish welfare.

Our response

Formal market research was undertaken, confirming strong support for two practically based National Progression Awards offering core skills development opportunities.  By blending conventional face to face teaching with computer based learning and high levels of practical activity, a learning strategy was formed to suit the kinaesthetic learning style of the majority of targeted learners.

The newly formed SQA Qualifications Development Team designed and developed two new NPA qualifications, the Level 3 NPA Angling and Aquatic Environments and the Level 4 NPA Angling and Fisheries Conservation. Both are highly valued by schools. Subsequently, delivery plans with vetted web sites, assessments and a selection of paper based and digital learning resources have been developed to support delivery.

A tripartite collaborative delivery team, formed from Scotland’s Rural College, Scottish Secondary Schools and ADBoS Angling Coaches has been established. A staff development programme has been devised and delivered to school teachers, providing guidance and tips on Unit delivery and the use of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as a collaborative tool. Teachers within the national ‘NPA Angling learning community’ are sharing a range of digital resources within a well populated VLE, including video clips and interactive drag and drop multiple choice exercises. Future developments will be supported by a strengthening tripartite partnership  as schools across Scotland assist each other.